Giving Feedback

As FABs near towards a stable v1.0 release, we need real-world verification that the compiler & available plugins cover the range of use-cases of frontend applications in the wild. That's where you come in!

What happens if I have an issue?

Usually, it's because you're the first person to try to do X with a FAB. Congratulations! Now you know why it's called the bleeding edge 😬

Open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker, with as much information as you can provide. Console logs, screenshots, your fab.config.json5 file, etc. Don't hold back, this is a young project, the more information the better. In that stead:

Share your project if you can 🙏

It's great if we can look at the code that fails. If your project is open-source, or if you are able to add @geelen as a collaborator, or send a copy of the relevant files, all that helps a great deal.

We want FABs to be near-zero friction for as many projects as possible, so the small details (what are your directories called, are you using any specific TypeScript settings, stage-0 stuff, are you trying to bundle gigabytes of video, etc) are really important. Even if the outcome is only that we can detect an unsupported case a bit better and leave a helpful error message with a link to the knowledge base, that's going to improve someone else's experience down the line.

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Get your hands dirty

See our Contributing Guide for more.