Getting Started with FABs

FABs are a special zip file that contains a complete snapshot of your application: all your server-side code, all your client-side assets, and it can be deployed anywhere that runs JS.

fab init

You can configure a repository to build a FAB by running npx fab init in the repo:

npx fab init

The following frameworks are supported:

  • Create React App
  • NextJS 9+

Anything else will be treated as a "static" build i.e. a project with no server-side component. It'll look for a command like npm run build to generate a directory like build, dist or public, which should cover everything from Angular to Vue to Gatsby. But as always, leave an issue if something you think should happen doesn't happen.

fab build

fab init will add build:fab and fab:build scripts to your package.json, but both of them call fab build under the hood.

# runs npm run build, then builds the FAB
yarn build:fab
npm run build:fab

# alias for fab build, below
yarn fab:build
npm run fab:build

# generates a FAB according to your fab.config.json5
fab build

If it works, you should get a file output.

fab serve

fab serve
fab serve --port=3001

Runs your FAB in a local NodeJS Express server.

fab deploy

fab deploy

Will prompt you for your Cloudflare workers & Amazon S3 info and deploy your FAB!