Known Project Types (for fab init)

Create React App

Needs react-scripts version 2.x or above. Is effectively a GenericStatic site with the input directory set to build and the HTML fallback set to /index.html.


  • Fully client rendered.
  • Excellent dev environment and optimised webpack output
  • No server-side logic by default

There are definitely things like proxying api requests in development we could autodetect and inject FAB server-side code for, but currently do not. That would be a good way to contribute, if you like.

NextJS 9+ (Dynamic, Serverless)

Requires nextjs version 9.x or above, and next.config.js to set target: serverless (or not be present, in which case fab init will create it). Uses @fab/input-nextjs to build from the .next/serverless output directory.


  • target: serverless is not automatically applicable, it assumes that you don't have any custom server code already. Thankfully Next has gotten way better at using convention over code so sites on v9+ should be more compatible.
  • If you have no getInitialProps invocations throughout the app, there isn't actually any server-side rendering taking place. But it's not clear if there's any meaningful difference, then, between treating this as "dynamic" or as an "exported" NextJS app, below.

NextJS 9+ (Static, Exported)

In recent releases, NextJS has put more emphasis on Static HTML Exports( using next export. If next export is detected, we ask whether you want to be building a FAB from the rendered HTML (in the out directory). Then we generate a fab.config.json5 that includes @fab/input-static, rather than @fab/input-nextjs, since, at this point, it's a static site, not a Next site.


  • I'm no NextJS pro, so I might be missing something about this setup here. Maybe you know more than me, and want to help out?


This checks for gatsby build in the your npm run build command, but is then just a GenericStatic with the input directory hard-coded to public.

Expo Web (React Native for Web)

Very similarly to a Gatsby project, this checks for expo start in either of the npm run start or npm run web commands, and then uses GenericStatic with the web-build directory as its input.


Anything that's not one of the above is considered a "Generic Static site", which covers the following cases:

  • Client-side-rendered React, that's not included in the above frameworks
  • VueJS, though not NuxtJS
  • AngularJS
  • anything else statically-rendered.

This is all driven off two inputs:

  • What command do you build your output with (by default npm run build)?
  • Where does it put its output (by default build, dist or out)?

If that's enough to build your app, you can run npx fab init --skip-framework-detection to automatically attempt a GenericStatic config.

Future support

fab init currently doesn't help you set up a fab.config.json5 file at all if your site isn't using one of the aforementioned setups. Particularly for the most complex cases, where custom server-side-rendering code is needing to be ported